Set Goals & Kick ‘Em In The Face!

I’ve just done the first part – setting the goals (the kicking ‘em in the face is underway!). Are you currently setting goals? Have you recently set goals for the very first time perhaps? Or have you reviewed your goals? 

It was harder than I expected to set goals. I’ve been so busy for months and not taken time to reflect or prioritise. As a result I have lacked clarity and direction.

When I was 110kg and severely obese it was easy to set a goal; it was  obvious. LOSE WEIGHT SO YOU DON’T DIE.  For years (my whole life!) my goal had always been to lose weight, to stop being the biggest & fattest person in the crowd, to ‘get healthy’. Lots of smaller goals obviously came from that and by having some structure from using the process of setting SMART goals I was able to get focussed, break it down and make a workable plan. I set the goals and kicked ‘em in the face over and over!

Fast forward to now and it’s different. I now (most of the time!) see myself as someone in the healthy weight range who is of average fitness and generally fairly well (but would like to have increased sense of wellness). 

I have come to the conclusion that there are two things I really want:

1. To have health and well being in the broadest definition of those terms – holistic*: mind, body & spirit; and

2. To finish what I started.

The second one requires some explaining. This involves a number of things:

- To further develop the self awareness and mindset shifts I gained over the last, geez, 8 or 10 years.  This process started for me long, long before I decided I had to lose weight if I was to not die and joined 12WBT in June 2010.

The mindset journey started a good 8 years before that as I found myself struggling to cope after being worn down by some crappy life events and found that I had lost so much of my resillience that was instilled into my by my amazing parents & family as a child & young adult.  I sought counselling, read lots about what makes us tick and reaped the rewards.

I entered the 12WBT program with huge amounts of mindset work undertaken and ‘getting to know me’ stuff already done, so I was in an excellent place to take on board Mish’s messages – I was already highly primed and ready to hear (most) of her messages. It helped me to really bring everything I had been learning and discovering about myself together.  I was also highly driven to lose weight because of the imminent danger to my health (my life!). I know not everyone starts in that position, some are only just considering the idea of becoming more self aware, which is incredibly hard and scary – take a long hard look at yourself is never easy. Some start off the other way – they start working on weight loss and the mindset changes come after that. Everyone is different. Self awareness and improving your mindset is an ongoing task – I think it should be for life.

In terms of finishing what I started in this area of ‘mindset development’ for me right now I am referring to becoming better at putting myself and my needs first. I need to work on that, and on having balance – ensuring there is a healthy balance that includes doing what I need to do for me. I have come leaps & bounds in recovering my resilience and assertiveness, indeed in developing that beyond what I had previously. I am improving my ability to be less of a perfectionist and more of an optimalist. The mindset work is fundamental. It’s been the key to my transformation and it started at least 8 years before the decision to lose weight! Put the hard yards in on mindset starting now!!

- To lose a few more kilos, drop a little more in body fat percentage and lose a few more centimetres. This is for health reasons as well as aesthetic reasons. I have enough cardiovascular & diabetes risk factors that I cannot control and my focus is on those I can modify. My waist measurement hovers just under 80cm often, it needs to come down to reduce those risks! My tummy is where I am carrying the most weight still. I would love to be able to reveal the muscles I am working hard to build. From discussions with health professionals plus the results of body composition studies (calipers & DEXA scan) I’ve been given so excellent guidance on a realistic and sensible amount of weight to lose.

Being a scientist and working in health plus since losing the 40kg I’ve been met with the ‘Haven’t you lost enough weight already?!‘ question numerous times I decided to seek expert advice and evidence to support whether or not it was appropriate for me to aim to lose more weight. Definitively, the answer supported by solid evidence and clinical expertise is “No, no I have not lost enough body fat. There is some more to go to be healthy and have reduced disease risk.End of conversation, thank you.  There is a whole other blog post or 2 on that topic….  ;)

- To really develop a solid foundation of fitness so that I can get out there and try anything, see just what my body can do, take up any opportunity that life presents – and have an absolutely ball along the way! After being sedentary and deliberately avoiding exercise for my entire life I need to make those mind-muscle connections. I  need to build a solid core. I need to get my body working well and continue to strengthen areas that have been injured or are vulnerable. I need to lose the ‘fat girl’ posture and develop flexibility that I have never had before.

After all of that crystalised in my mind it became very simple. My goals are:

1. Weight loss

- Lose that last 5 – 7kg initially and I will see what’s what when I get there before aiming any lower.

- Decrease body fat to sub 24%. It was 24% in August last year and at that point in time I was incredibly happy with my body. With the reduced training over the last 6 months my body fat % has increased a little and I feel rather squishy and squidgy!!

- Decrease girths mostly all over, especially my waist. Good bye chunky trunk!

2. Training

- Develop cardiovascular fitness, increase strength (back into those Olympic lifts that I love!), develop core strength and increase lean muscle mass.

- Train 5 – 6 days per week.

That’s the core of my goals. I’ve broken these down further to be much more specific. I have plotted it on a calendar and set some target dates to re-do benchmarking / testing from Week 1. I have also thought about some cheeky & fun challenges that will put my increased fitness to the test in as many enjoyable ways as possible. After all, the point is to be able to have more FUN!

I would love to hear about your goal setting experiences and what your goals are! Drop me a line below or on facebook / twitter! 

xx Ange

*Holistic in the truest & most accurate sense of the word, not in some new age, misused sense of the word. Holistic when I use it means: “Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole; and / or Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease”. For my medical & health friends I guess to me I use the word ‘holistic’ interchangeably in my head with ‘biopsychosocial model’ and my all encompassing definition of ‘health’, though I know the general public or lay people sometimes use holistic to refer to complimentary or alternative medicines / practices only, which I believe is a misuse of the word: it is limited and incorrect.
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2 thoughts on “Set Goals & Kick ‘Em In The Face!

  1. Sandra May 8, 2012 at 4:39 pm Reply

    Ange, I’m loving these last few posts. What rings true with me right now is that I find myself at a bit of a loss as to what direction I am heading in. After a “bland” 12wbt Round 1, I need to re-focus and like you say, set some goals and just nail them (or get damn close)!
    You are without doubt *The 12WBT Poster Girl*…your transformation has not only been physical, but you also back all your success with real evidence, right there in black and white.
    Look forward to seeing what the next round brings for you. xo

    Like this

    • bellaxthree May 8, 2012 at 5:41 pm Reply

      Thanks Sandra! I am glad you are loving them!! They have been coming thick and fast – had a bit of catching up to do plus the end of round awesomeness amongst the 12WBT Queensland Crew has coincided with my own end of round adventures and my new adventures as Zenergy Fun & Fitness Ambassador and my new mission to finish losing weight!! Busy! It will settle :)

      Sometimes I think we need to just consolidate, maintain our success in terms of what we have previously achieved and have a period of time of focussing on other things. I struggled to set clear goals or have clarity earlier this year, weight loss was not a high priority because in reality I am a healthy weight and very happy with what I have achieved. It was better for me to focus on other things and give myself time & space to a) heal my back/hips and b) really think carefully about where to next.

      You are very kind and thank you for your lovely comments. I think there are lots of 12WBT Poster Girls ;) I am human and totally normal & fallible just like everyone else…. I have days when I struggle. It’s about the big picture and about keeping on keeping on!

      Thank you for dropping by – look forward to chatting more soon!

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