100 Reasons WHY I *Want* To Reach My Goal Weight + 1 Powerful Reason Why I WILL

100 reasons WHY I *want* to reach my goal weight + 1 powerful reason why I WILL!

Hahaha! “To feel like a badass” isn’t actually on my list, but it gave me a laugh when I saw this photo!

When I was 110kg my reason WHY for losing weight was “Because I do not want to die!“. Powerful stuff at the time but less of an actual reason now as the immediate threat to my health is gone now that I am in a healthy weight range with blood pressure down to normal. Now I have a relatively small amount left to lose and really, it’s not do or die as it was when started this adventure. So, I needed to think about the WHY lose weight…

I took on this homework task from Jodie and I wrote the first 50 and thought “Hmm. That’s really not scratched the surface.” So I put it aside and thought on it a while. I needed to be in a place where I felt strong enough to let some of the more confronting and gut-wrenchingly honest reasons emerge.  I came back to it late last week and wrote another 50 reasons – digging deeper. I came up with 100 reasons WHY … then one more… and that’s what made the difference!

  1. For ME!
  2. To finish what I started
  3. To be the best version of me I can be
  4. To look better
  5. To feel better
  6. To be healthy
  7. To reveal more muscles
  8. To be under BMI 23
  9. To have waist well & truly under 80cm – not just under, well under
  10. To show those who said “You Can’t” that I can & I did
  11. To make the nasty, insecure women I have encountered over my lifetime self combust with jealousy or whatever their problem is ;)
  12. Because I can
  13. To look fantastic in photos
  14. To walk my talk
  15. So my clothes fit better
  16. So I have a choice of any clothes from any store
  17. To look better naked
  18. To not be self conscious about how I look when I am exercising
  19. To be ready for surgery when I need it
  20. To be able to have babies if we choose to
  21. To say ‘sucked in’ to the ex-boyfriends who said things like “You know…you would be hot if only you lost weight
  22. To not be the fat friend
  23. To not be the fat girl who gets told ‘Oh but you have a pretty face
  24. So no one ever calls me a big girl or big boned ever again
  25. So I am not always self conscious about my stomach
  26. To lose the back fat
  27. So that I can be a role model for  the people I care about
  28. So that I can inspire others to make the changes I have made
  29. So I can sashay instead of waddle! haha
  30. So people will not look at me in that ‘What a shame you are so fat’ way again
  31. To not be asked if I am pregnant
  32. To be able to run or train in a crop top
  33. To keep my blood pressure down
  34. To lower my cardiovascular risk
  35. To reduce my risk of type 2 diabetes
  36. To be able to say I have never been this weight as an adult
  37. To say I have never been so happy with my body
  38. To not hide from the camera or cringe when my photos s taken
  39. Because I deserve it. I am worth it.
  40. To invest in gorgeous clothes and know they will fit for a long time because I am done losing weight.
  41. To not care if that bitchy girl picks the worst photo of me she can to share with the world
  42. To go on a shopping spree to buy whatever I like, not restricted to ‘Big Girl’ stores
  43. To show those people who say with that loaded tone “So are you *still* on that fitness weight loss kick” that this is for life
  44. To show those who have tried to sabotage my efforts to be healthy and fit that it will not work – now or ever
  45. To have some more stylist sessions and feel confident to wear whatever they recommend.
  46. To be able to experiment more with fashion
  47. To wear a bikini in public
  48. To wear a bikini in public AND to not care if someone takes a photo
  49. To feel great and look great when on holidays in Thailand
  50. To feel comfortable in my own skin
  51. To not have to suck my gut in
  52. To no longer need to spend emotional, financial, psychological or physical resources on losing weight (time, energy, money etc)
  53. To get my body fat under 24%
  54. To have the wedding dress of my dreams, if I choose to have a wedding
  55. To not dread the idea of photos from special occasions
  56. To leave that fat chick who’s held me back for my entire life well in my past
  57. To get that inner fat chick out of my brain
  58. To get rid of my chubby tummy, spare tyre, chunky trunk, Buddha belly that I have spent my entire life embarrassed about and trying to hide.
  59. To not have a fat stomach there for people to poke at & tease (as a child) or to ask if pregnant (as an adult).
  60. To not have people comment “You are far too smart to let yourself be so burnt out & unwell & obese.
  61. To be able to walk into any store and know that something will fit me – I don’t care what the size tag says, I just care that I am not limited to big girl stores and kaftans
  62. To reveal the muscles I have been working hard to build
  63. To minimise musculoskeletal issues as I age
  64.  To turn heads for that second look instead of getting the “What were you thinking look“.
  65. To lower my risk of breast cancer
  66. To lower my risk of bowel and colon cancer
  67. To add more years to my life and put more life in my years (For Mel :) )
  68. To reach this goal so I can tick it off my list and use the massive amounts of energy it is taking for other goals.
  69.  So that my waist is smaller than my hips
  70. To never be called fat again. To never cringe at the sound of that three letter F-word.
  71. To leave the bullying, name calling and teasing about my size, shape and weight in the past knowing that it’s no longer the truth.
  72. To not have to endure a polite person humouring me by saying “You are just big boned”
  73. So that tumours and growths can be detected – I never again want to hear a Doctor say ‘Well you are a Big Girl and so you could have something there but we just cannot detect that because you are obese“. 
  74. For the after photo that will eclipse the severely obese images of myself burnt into my brain
  75. To not be looked at the way people looked at me when I was 110kg
  76. To not be part of the growing obesity epidemic, that’s one trend I am not keen to be part of!
  77. To feel comfortable to any activity I want – not worry will I break that swing or will I fit on the roller coaster
  78. To never have that ‘You need to lose weight‘ conversation with a medical professional again
  79. To not stand and lecture my medical students about health, obesity etc as a severely obese or even overweight person – what a total hypocrite I was!
  80. So I do not mind telling people how much I weigh, do not cringe when asked for medical reasons
  81. To get a regular towel around me, not need a beach towel.
  82. To not be self conscious when eating in public and not think people are looking and thinking “If I was as fat as you I would not be eating THAT!
  83. To not avoid or hesitate before sitting on my partners lap
  84. To not cringe when my partner touches my stomach
  85. To not be heavier, bigger, wider than my partner
  86. To not have rolls of fat when I bend over or sit down
  87. To control what I can control – there are health issues I have that I have limited control over, but losing weight and increasing fitness goes a long way to dealing with these
  88. So my fave jeans are not too tight (and maybe I can even get a smaller, new pair of  sass n bides!)
  89. To wear sleeveless tops and dresses and not be self conscious
  90. To treat myself to gorgeous lingerie and not be self conscious about walking into a lingerie shop
  91. To be able to be piggy backed (That one is for Kate M!)
  92. To be able to wear a bikini and short shorts at a music festival
  93. To let go of the past version of myself and embrace the healthy version
  94. To  sit in any chair without checking it first or feeling my bulky frame touch the sides or spill over
  95. To be graceful when entering a room rather than feeling like a baby elephant thundering in and taking up too much space
  96. To become a health professional who is not a hypocrite
  97. So I will head into my 40s in the best shape of my life
  98. To not be embarrassed about any part of my body
  99. To have nothing holding me back from living the life I now dare to dream is possible!

And number 100:  So I can get off & stay off the f**king sidelines of life!!

There you have it. These are all reasons why I want to be at my goal weight. Why it is desirable.  100 reasons why I desire that outcome.

Call me a perfectionist, call me what you want. I realised something:


I started out writing this list aiming for 50… I got there and thought “I can dig deeper, I am not feeling this, I am not yet compelled by this list. It’s just stuff or material things”.  I had to leave the task alone for a bit and think.. then I got to 100 and still was not happy.

Then it went CLICK. The light bulb switched on.

I realised – these are all great reasons. Individually each are relatively small things to help motivate me or remind me why I am focussing on this goal. As a whole list it’s fantastic – there’s a mix of health, fitness, body image / appearance, financial, social and other reasons. It is comprehensive.

But still… I read over and thought: IT’S NOT ENOUGH.

Then I came up with the single most powerful reasons why I WILL reach my weight loss goal:


Freedom from that list above. Freedom from all those thoughts. Freedom to use my energy for something other than this.

So – I guess I have 101 reasons to reach my goal weight… but 1 single reason is far more powerful than the other 100 combined.

The reason I will reach my weight loss goal is FREEDOM.

How about you? What reasons are on YOUR list?

xx Ange

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13 thoughts on “100 Reasons WHY I *Want* To Reach My Goal Weight + 1 Powerful Reason Why I WILL

  1. valeria.franco@libero.it May 9, 2012 at 11:48 pm Reply

    Perfect….I couldn’t agree more….FREEDOM and happiness and no more ‘weight loss’ word in this life and in the life to come..;-)


  2. run cmc May 10, 2012 at 7:09 am Reply

    Ange, you made me cry, I may never have been more than 85kgs & that was because I literally ate for two when I had my sons, at 161cm, I looked like a blimp & sport the stretchmarks silently all over my body for THAT misinformation. I have been a yo-yo for eons, getting so close, then getting cocky and piling that handful back on. For the last few years I have joined 12WBT initially so I can be what I want in Thailand (HAWT), I flail and end up worse than I was before! :( With one month to go before I get on that plane for the 4th time with those words again in my head, I am trying so darn hard not to succumb to the conning myself again. 42 now, I screwed myself over each year with my limp goals. I`m only a little off my ‘want weight’ still & developed a smller consumption but addiction to Cadbury pineapple chocolate…oh YAY (sarcasm). This is day 4 of no naughties, I have managed on the no more than one a day Atkins peppermint choc bar. I am determined to be all in your list, see, sorta skinny girls can see themselves that way too. :) I may have muscles people gawk at, whisper & snicker behind my back about. Tired of chunky 40 something women peers saying OH, you`re not fat, where is the fat.

    I`ve even managed to not get on the scales as a regular activity which is a win in a major way. By the way my clothes fit me, I know I am under 62kgs. But I have to win control of the sugar cravings, I want that little pooch under my bellybutton GONE, FLAT, I want MY freedom too!!

    You can do it, now, this year, succeed, rock it, win Ange, JFDI, or I`ll beat ya to it ;) Christine xoxo


  3. melandjohn May 10, 2012 at 7:36 pm Reply

    I get a reason just for me ;-) He he. Good work on writing the list – I like how your journey has progressed from “because I have to or I’ll die” to “because I WANT to”….it shows a huge change in your own sense of self worth, and I’m happy to have been along for the ride!


    • bellaxthree May 10, 2012 at 8:25 pm Reply


      I should add “And so I can be Friends Who Play Sport Together” with Mel next time she is in Brisbane! xxx


    • bellaxthree May 10, 2012 at 8:40 pm Reply

      Just saw the first half of your comment – it didn’t come up before. Weird. Thank you hon. You have been a number 1 supporter and cheer squad member! You are spot on with your comment – massive, fundamental shifts in mindset which go far beyond “I don’t want to die” Miss you HEAPS!!!!!!! xx


  4. Sharyn May 11, 2012 at 7:24 am Reply

    Ange , what can I say , I have watched your journey from the sidelines right from the beginning ! You are an inspiration and you give others the confidence to succeed … cause you have been there ! Congratulations xx


  5. colleen le-grand (Le-Machine) formally GOODBYEFATSUIT May 16, 2012 at 7:23 pm Reply

    OMG Angela, i am sitting her crying and thinking that “thats me”, there are so many of your 100 reasons that i can relate to. I started out at 132.6kgs and am currently 101.1kgs after two rounds…i will get to 85kgs by the end of this round…you are so inspirational and cant wait to meet you in person…. thank you for sharing your story with me and inspiring me to be “awesome”.


  6. Naomi May 20, 2012 at 8:57 pm Reply

    Hi Ange,
    I’m new to the whole 12WBT thing, but not to a lot of the things you’ve just described. Thanks for the inspiration and best of luck!


  7. Jane June 1, 2012 at 7:34 am Reply

    Ange, I met you briefly in the coffee line as a volunteer at the 12WBT workout in Melbourne and thanked you for being such an inspiration. I never realised how similar our journey has been…I too am a tall chick and am really hoping to get well under the 80cm waist measurement. I am in for round 2 and am so looking forward to my Freedom. Thanks for sharing again!! Cheers Jane (loganberry)


  8. unreformed chocoholic June 9, 2012 at 9:57 am Reply

    And mine is to be confident to be me only better!


  9. Deb Jays June 9, 2012 at 2:14 pm Reply

    Ang! This is the best list ever!! I love it, it is so true!! FREEDOM is the number one reason!! You are always such a supporter of us all!! Thank you for what you do, never stop because you are too good at it!! We would be lost without you!! Debxx

    Ps: have a fantastic holiday!


  10. Ashlea November 29, 2012 at 8:34 pm Reply

    thanks for being part of my inspiration – i have borrowed some of you words (with links to you of course) – http://runningrampant.weebly.com/1/post/2012/11/100-reasons-why.html


  11. 100 Reasons Why … « runningrampantashlea December 2, 2012 at 11:00 pm Reply

    [...] by bellaxthree – from f**ked to fab and also sarah – tumblr. There are others whom have completed such lists but these two [...]


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