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Reflect ~ Reset ~ Refocus ~ Ramp It Up!

No matter what your goal, it is useful to regularly stop and take stock.  This is something I first learnt to do systematically  with 12WBT doing the fitness test, measurements and resetting of goals every 4 weeks. From the get-go of implementing this in my first round of 12WBT it made me not only go through the steps of doing those fitness tests etc but also encouraged me to reflect on the time that had gone by – what I had achieved, what I needed to work on more and where I would re-adjust my focus and reset goals.

It works so well and now I am automatically applying this process that I like to call My 4 R’s: Reflect, Reset, Refocus & Ramp It Up to all areas of my life. Time is short tonight but I am going to try to capture my thoughts at the end of Week 4 under these headings.


The last 4 weeks for me have been without schedule and unbalanced. Pre-season and week 1 I was flat strap with work as being a lecturer end of semester is chaos, particilarly this semester just gone as I was overcommitted with teaching. Weeks 2 and 3 I spent in Phuket – finally using my prize for winning 1st place for 12WBT Overall Transformation (more to come on the holiday!). The holiday was long overdue, I was wound tight and exhausted. We had a blast!! Week 4 was return to usual programming… back home… getting organised, back to work & study, training etc. It has taken all of the last week to feel like I am organised and ready to get back into normal life!   I did a lot of reflecting during my holidays, wrote a fair bit… so I will share more of that here on the blog in the coming weeks.


I’ve reset my goals based on all the reflecting I did while away and based on fact my wrist and hip are still sore despite a rest so it was back to the physio and we have a new plan. I had a fantastic goal setting session with my trainer, Mase. My weight / body fat % and fitness goals remain unchanged from those I set in pre-season: powering on toward those. My priorities are a little different – to ensure sleep comes first as then all else just falls into place easily and to prioritise the management plan from my physio.


Firstly, my focus is on what makes me happy & healthy. All else flows from that.

After reflecting and resetting goals I find the fastest way to refocus is to get organised with military precision – plan, organise, diarise. I make sure my diary, especially for the week or two ahead is super organised. I create a menu plan and ensure the house is stocked with clean, nutritious food (which means ditching what does not fit that criteria!). I ensure my training gear is all washed & ready to go before the week begins.

Refocussing is partly a very practical process for me and partly a mental process. I think about my goals – short term and long term. I visualise reaching those goals: what it will feel like, why it is worth sacrifices I will make. I’ve never made a vision board but that’s something I am considering doing at the moment.

Spending time today with the Queensland Crew for Sparta 300 at Pain in Paradise Bootcamp followed by breakfast picnic after was fantastic! It helped me refocus even further as I chatted to people about their goals and heard about their success over recent weeks. Everyone is really focussed and so encouraging of one another!

I am really looking forward to both the 1 on 1 PT sessions I have this week with Mase. I come away more focussed after working with Mase but I was very tired before my holidays and could not make the most of these sessions… I was on overload from juggling so much…but now… I will be sucking the marrow from the bones! Ready to lap it all up!

Ramp It Up!

With everything possible sorted then there is nothing left to do but ramp it up!!  Dig deep, find that inner mongrel and go for it!!

It’s nearly bedtime – the SLEEP HARD part of my new mantra Eat Clean, Train Mean, Sleep Hard is something I am very serious about –  so as I sit here finishing this post I can mentally tick off a whole bunch of stuff & feel that I am READY TO RAMP IT UP. The menu for the week is sorted, much of the food is already in the fridge/freezer. My training is locked in & I have some flexible Plan B training options should anything come up that interferes with Plan A. Training gear is out & bag packed with work clothes. Work bag packed, lunch in fridge and work / study schedule for week is locked in.  I have physio & pilates 1on1 appointments booked in (ouch!).

I can confidently say I have done all I can to Reflect, Reset, Refocus and I am ready as I will ever be to Ramp It Up when I bounce out of bed tomorrow. It’s not about perfection – there will be things that don’t go to plan this week & the weeks ahead. It’s about knowing I have done the best I can … that’s enough for me to give myself a few gold stars! :)

How about you?? Where are you at now it’s the end of Week 4? Have you taken time to Reflect, Reset, Refocus? Are you ready to Ramp It Up? 

xx Ange


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