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Our first Saturday Session for 12WBT Rd 1, 2012

On Saturday morning a group of Brisbane 12WBTers bounced (?) out of bed super early, got tricked up in their fave training gear and made their way to the CBD for our first  Saturday Session for Round 1, 2012 with Mase for members of Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation challenge…. and we kicked off at 5.30am! OUCH!

About half of use had done 4 weeks of these sessions already during pre-season and the other half were newbies – with no idea where Dead Man’s Lane was located or why there had been talk about whether or not we would go there… excitement? dread?  Mostly dread.

Sensational workout – I was absolutely flogged. Dripping in sweat. I was able to modify the workout to take care of my hips and back so that I could get a great workout, be pain free and not undo all the great rehab work I have done.

We smashed it! We had an intense session indoors using some basic very effective exercises – we felt the burn, baby! Next we headed outside to Dead Man’s Lane, as it is affectionately known, for some hill runs. We partnered off and while one partner ran the hill the other did squat holds & other exercises on the side of the road. At 6am near the CBD there were a lot of trucks and council workers…. and deservedly so, the spunky girls got plenty of beep! beep! noises from the classy blokes driving by. Hehe.

These session are awesome – a mix of strength & conditioning training and cardio to really burn through those calories, increase our fitness and build muscle. Intensity and Technique are the big words! The aim of every session is not only to give it all you’ve got but to come away with a better squat or push up or to have learnt new things like renegade rows or push press with dumb bells.

After chatting to my fantastic PT, Mase, last year about the 12WBT program and how it would be great to organise some group sessions that allowed 12WBTers to get stuck into some strength training we came up with these sessions. On Sundays last year but shifted to Saturday now, these sessions have become the highlight of our weeks. Often one of the most intense sessions for the week – and a great way to kick off our 12WBT Super Saturday Session missions to smash 1000 calories!!   The variety is terrific – Mase comes up with new ways to torture train us each week!

There’s a few spots left – we would love for you to join us!! Check out this page for info & check out some pics below from recent sessions! 

Same bat time, same bat place next week! Let’s GO!

xx Ange


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